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Mission Statement

The United States Black Belt Society is a benevolent society of equals among black belt members of all styles who wish to work in harmony for the betterment and advancement of martial arts and its industry for the promotion of love, fellowship, loyalty, sportsmanship and service.

Message from the founder: Grandmaster Robert W. Hoe

I had a dream about starting a National Black Belt/Sash Society for over forty years. In 1996 I started the USBBS. This special organization would be comprised of members who had already earned their Black Belt/Sash in any Martial Art Style. All the members of this Black Belt/Sash Society would hold the rank of first Dan (Degree) Shodan Black Belt. No other Martial Art titles or ranks would be issued by the USBBS. I have always wanted all members of this special organization to be of equal rank and status. Regardless of age, sex or how many years they have been in the martial arts.

My dream was to have all these members and their different styles and levels of knowledge in martial arts to share and teach each other. In this way I hoped that the United States Black Belt/Sash Society would be a benevolent society of Black Belt/Sash members who would band together in the service and spirit of the martial arts. Egos and other self-interest would be set aside in order that this USBBS would put itself in the service of other martial artists and martial art schools.

Finally I wanted the USBBS to help spread martial arts around and across the nation, support martial arts for the betterment of mankind, as well as for good health and fitness of our youth, adults and senior citizens.